The two aspects in question are health conditions that are affecting a huge number of people in the society. We talk about them on the same platform because research confirms that there is a way in which the two are linked. The thing is that being overweight or obese means that you have exerted more pressure on your body’s ability to use insulin for it to properly control the levels of blood sugar and this therefore increases the chances of developing diabetes. These two cases keep increasing because we have failed to be watchful of what we eat and many of us never take maintaining a regular exercising routine seriously. In the struggle to improve general health and well being we tend to analyze the two health conditions together and the good news is that there is a ray of hope for persons living with obesity and diabetes. The term ‘diabesity’ came about because of the progression from obesity to diabetes that arises due to defect in insulin secretion together with a rise in insulin resistance both of which appear prematurely in obese patients. What is highly associated with insulin resistance is an increase in body fat mostly visceral fat.

Lifestyle Changes for Obesity and Diabetes

Among other things some of the very important things to consider when we think of managing and overcoming obesity and diabetes are the healthy lifestyle changes. This basically means taking up habits that enhance your health and also allow you to attain the right weight for your height. We have already confirmed that overcoming overweight and obesity reduces the risk of diabetes. What is quite appealing about lifestyle changes is that it will help you achieve long-term weight loss success. A big part of it entails balancing energy in with energy out. This lies in eating the right kind and right amount of foods and also being more physically active. For a person to lose 1-2 pounds per week they will need to cut back intake of calorie by 500-1000 a day. For a healthy diet your focus should be on fruits and vegetables, fat free and low fat dairy products, whole grain foods, etc. whatever you choose make sure that it is low in trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugar and sodium.

Garcinia Cambogia for Obesity and Diabetes

To deal with diabetes we have to look at obesity too and you need to know that a variety of weight management techniques have been discovered and among them include the use of dietary supplements which you find in the market as slimming aids. One of the most common one is an extract from Garcinia referred to as hydroxycitric acid and Phen375. In next paragraphs we can talk about Garcinicia.

For  Its effectiveness lies in the fact that it causes weight loss by inhibiting an enzyme called adenosine, increases the production of serotonin in the brain thus allows for the suppression of appetite. When you eat less then the body senses and feels the need to release stored fat in the fat cells. According to research garcinia cambogia is natural and has no serious side effects and there are so many diabetic patients who have successfully lost weight with garcinia cambogia. It is however very important that if you are diabetic you first seek your doctors approval before using garcinia cambogia or any program for weight loss listed here also ensure that you are using the highest quality product. What we are generally learning is that with garcinia cambogia you can be able to keep your blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.